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How to treat credit risk with advanced machine learning techniques

VALOORES digitalization trends continue to shape the world opening up new opportunities across a wide range of sectors. Artificial intelligence is considered a key driver of digital transformation that has the potential to introduce new sources of growth. The recent advances in machine learning and automation have created a whole new business ecosystem.

Introduction and Business Need

The analysis of the Probability of Default is one of the main tasks to be undertaken by financial institutions, where it is important to gauge the likelihood of a borrower defaulting before giving a certain loan. The lack of a correct methodology to calculate this probability may…

How does SHAP analysis interpret a Black Box in a Credit Scoring problem?

VALOORES sees model interpretability as an important step in the data science workflow. Being able to explain how a model works serves many purposes, including building trust in the model’s output, satisfying regulatory requirements and verifying model safety.

Model Interpretation and its Business Need

The collaboration of finance and technology (fintech) makes use of different technologies in order to manage processes and provide efficient and reliable solutions. …

Valoores in'Analytics

VALOORES BI & AI is an open Analytics platform that spans all aspects of the Analytics life cycle, from Data to Discovery to Deployment.

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